Young people get “Equipped for Life” in Room 13

e4l residency 1

During Half term last week a group of young people from Newton Aycliffe joined staff at Greenfield Arts and Graphic Designer Coral Wells-Porter for two days of exploring digital design. The residency was funded by GAMP AAP as part of the “Equipped for Life” project which also funded a range of new creative design and print equipment based at the centre.

The young people, inspired by a recent talk from Creative Agency “Orange Bus,” learnt how to use professional design software, creating logos for themselves and “The Shed.” The young people also had the opportunity to try out some of the fantastic new specialist design and print equipment, including an iMac and a digital embroidery sewing machine, which is now situated in “The Shed” a space linked to “Room 13” the new enquiry creative spaced recently opened at Greenfield Arts.

The two days were a great success, with the group creating some exciting designs. The designs will now be passed on to Orange Bus who will help Greenfield Arts to choose a design to be used as the logo for “The Shed.” The results will be released soon!

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