Area 0

It was very exciting to be part of the special events for the opening of the Area 0 School in the Cloud Prasanna, India.

It was my first time as a SOLEs Granny officially and it was very exciting if not a little nerve wracking!

The new space in Prasanna looks beautiful. They have gorgeous little computer areas with transparent screens in between and a glass wall surrounding the entire room so it is all completely visible publically. It is designed in a clever hexagon shape and the whole set up which has been built from the ground up looks spectacular. It is the final school in the cloud lab space from Professor Sugata Mitra’s TED Prize wish to be opened.


To find out more about the school in the cloud go to

There were lots of parents with their children who had come along to see the new school in the cloud and who seemed to be having a wonderful time.


I had a many conversations with lots of young people. Their English was fantastic. I spoke for some time with 13 year old Rupakar. He was interested in games, geography and astronomy. He was marvellous at helping some of the younger children to talk with me and helped them if they weren’t sure what I was saying.


It was great to see the lab full of excitement and activity.

I am so privileged to have been there to see some of that and to share in the event.

Look who else was there…Sugata of course! Was good to have a little international catch up! It was so lovely to see him and the wonderful Suneeta. Well done to everyone involved in getting the space set up and on such a brilliant launch event. As the Area 6 lab here at Room 13 we are really looking forward to skyping and working together, can’t wait!



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