Byerley Park

It was a pleasure to welcome a year 5 Byerley Park Primary class back again to Room 13 recently.

There was no need for me to explain anything as they’d been in Room 13 once already and were keen just to get in and get on with it. Brilliant! They were challenged with the question ‘where does water come from?’


There were lots of questions asked during this session. The students came out of Room 13 a few times to ask the teacher and I a number of things including ‘can we do a PowerPoint?’, ‘what do we do now as we’ve already found the answer?’, ‘X is not doing what they should be doing?’, ‘can we use the headphones and play on games?’….

It is quite tricky at times to simply say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘you decide’ etc.

One group did decide to play on a game for about half of the session time. I overheard one of the boys say ‘you can do what you like in here’.


Despite the appearance that some groups were not answering the question, each group gave feedback with interesting, insightful and additional information.

There was quite a range of information presented and then discussed.

The percentage of water on earth (and in our bodies) and the different types of water (fresh, salt etc).
The water cycle and how it works.
The different parts of the world and their access to fresh water.
The group explored ideas about global warming.
They talked about river beds and volcanic rock.
The chemical properties of water were explained.

The class thought about the possible next questions they could ask following this SOLE session.


These were some of the suggestions:

How are waves formed?
Where does sand from?
Why do we have different types of water?
How much water is there?
How long would it take for 1 rain drop to reach the river through the water cycle?
Where do clouds come from?

The group also had some other burning questions they want to explore together in Room 13.


These were some of their suggestions:

Why did we evolve?
How many types of animals live in water?
Why do birds fly?
Is it possible for a human to be scared to death?

Looking forward to our next SOLE together. This group have amazing questions!


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