Creativity and Innovation Conference

It was an honour to be part of the Teaching Alliance Creativity and Innovation Conference.

Thank you to all those involved in the Creativity and Innovation Conference recently. Our Centre, our School, our young people, our staff and our creative approach really sparkled. We were praised on the work we developed for the conference and the way we hosted the event overall.
We should all be very proud.

It was lovey to receive such positive feedback about our role too. We have since been approached by Durham County Council who have brought visitors, an educational consultant who has been to meet with us, three schools have phoned to book a SOLE session and work together as well as the potential for a funded project which emerged from our work that day.

“I really enjoyed my visit to your fabulous ‘centre’ and it was lovely seeing you again. It and you are really amazing. I came away very excited and inspired.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed today, The conference was everything I hoped for and much more. Thank you for your inspiring presentation and for leading the morning sessions. Thank you so much for organising the Engine Heads, staff at Greenfield, the live Sole session and our robotic visitor, IT support, hospitality, parking.”

“The engine heads you have worked with and developed were amazing. It was great to see a live soles session and have opportunity to share ideas. Greenfield is inspirational.”

“It was really great you gave us insight into ways you are exploring learning. We have gone away enthused and inspired”

“Amazing space, Amazing people. You should be so proud”

“I was so impressed and inspired by the way you work i’d like to work with you and I will find some money for us to do something together”

It was great to have James Stanfield from Newcastle University come and speak with us via our robot, to have the wonderful engine heads speak from the heart and to have some of our wonderful teachers sharing their experience as well as a live streamed SOLE session which gave a brief insight into SOLE and gave a great opportunity for discussion about how SOLEs evolve over time and how to get thinking about creating BIG questions.

It was wonderful to be then a delegate for the rest of the conference and to hear the fabulous and inspirational words of Dr Tom Robson. His words are affirming. Lovely Lesley from Etherley Lane did a fabulous presentation that really made us think about education and why we do it. We really do all need to be curious learners. And to also hear from Gilesgate Primary and colleagues there who spoke with passion about the projects they have done that have given learners real purpose and energy.

How fortunate to be in a room of open minded, creative, curious individuals. Inspiring!



One thought on “Creativity and Innovation Conference

  1. So much inspiration. Very proud of the opportunity to provoke creative approaches to learning. Well done

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