What makes us Human?

I was very excited to see some of our year 7 students from the Sunnydale Campus and Aycliffe site come together and join us for a reflective afternoon. It was important to hear their ‘Greenfield Experience’ and views since we worked together in the summer. They are such a nice lot and I think they were looking forward to all catching up. 

As part of the afternoon we had some of our colleagues from The Netherlands come to visit. They were keen to see thinking skills, student enquiry and SOLEs in action. 

The SOLE session was focused on the question ‘What makes us Human?’

The discussion was great. We talked about the differences and similarities between us and animals, evolution and the ability to have choice and be the kind of Human you’d like to be. 

We then met Dora. She’s our mannequin and wanted to know the great greenfield experiences and advice the group had.

The year 7s also thought about the ideas they’d considered in the SOLE and think about the skills, strengths and areas for development they bring to make Greenfield the place it is. They created this using our paper people chain. They looked beautiful publicly displayed in the Arts Centre afterwards.

It was wonderful to share the afternoon with are visitors, share ideas, insights and challenges. I’m looking forward to following this up during a visit there in Jan 2016!


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