Keeping in touch

It was wonderful to catch up with Sugata, the engineheads and my fantastic Greenfield colleagues recently when we met together at Room 13. 

It was an opportunity to talk about global School in the Cloud developments, discuss ideas to develop SOLEs in context and talk about working together through my secondment role.

It was particularly lovely to have Suneeta come visit (chief granny) and to share lots of the exciting things that have been going on since we last met in India earlier in the year.

The Engineheads had a fantastic discussion about ‘what now’ with Sugata as our 3 year research phase comes to an end. They had good ideas about how to develop and extend the work and some initial ideas about how to reach people who may not yet have worked in this way plus a succession plan for a new engineheads team to help challenge staff to continue developing a student led approach to teaching and learning.

It was a busy morning. Martin Butterworth brought his tutor group to Room 13 and they explored the question ‘who is ‘me’?’ as part of their enquiry for this term. 

They talked about what makes us unique through physical genetics, the things we do, experiences we have, the choices we make and the stories we tell about ourselves. It was an interesting, yet speedy 10 min SOLE session, that came up with some powerful concepts and questions which the group will be exploring further in their tutor group sessions. 

Sugata, Sushmita and Suneeta were however not the only visitors to Room 13 recently…Our colleagues from Argentina came for their biannual visit this September (capably co-ordinated by Barbara), Chris Grinter from Rotura Boys Grammar in New Zealand came to see our work, our Colleagues from France with Brian Stobie joined a SOLE and we have also got a return visit from Newcastle Universities Math PGCE contingent organised with some great examples from our Math department of student led learning. 

Very excited to have heard from Byerley Park so early in the term and to continue to work with this lovely Primary school who will be working on a serious of fantastic big questions this term in Room 13.

Thank you to the wonderful Greenfield Arts team who are making everyone feel so welcome and are doing such a great job of juggling it all. 

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