What is SOLE?

A brief summary of SOLE ( self organised learning environment) from Greenfield’s perspective.
For more information you can visit http://www.theschoolinthecloud.org

Here’s our video

SOLEs is a method of learning developed by Professor Sugata Mitra. It is based on the principle of young people learning for themselves, being curious and using the internet together to explore.

SOLE stands for Self Organised Learning Environments.

There are a number of principles involved in SOLE:

-Young people decide how to organise their own learning.
-Young people decide their own groups, can change groups at any time and move around to see what other groups are doing.
-There are usually around 6 computer areas with a large screen for young people to explore their ideas and interests encouraging collaboration.
-The teacher/adult poses a big and interesting question to begin the session.
-The teacher/adult doesn’t get involved in the learning during the session.
-Each group feeds back to the rest of the room what they have been finding out.
-The teacher praises something each group has discovered.

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